oops! we couldn't help but take a bite...

We are a trio of sisters who have mastered our family's secret recipe for Portuguese Tarts.

This recipe was passed down through our family and was taught to us by our father who has been baking Portuguese Tarts since 1986. 

We started this venture in the hope to share these golden, creamy, and perfectly flaky beauties with world, whilst paying homage to our Portuguese and Macanese roots.

We thank you for visiting our store and allowing us the opportunity to bring a delicious part of our culture into your lives. 

Keep reading for a little bio of our Papa's professional experience as a pastry chef.


About our Papa - Luis Manuel Ribeiro

Here's the man who taught us our family's secret recipe for Portuguese Tarts. Our Papa was raised in Macau which was a former Portuguese colony for over 400 years, until it returned to China sovereignty in 1999.

This photo was taken in 1986 when he was awarded Employee of the Month at his then-employer - The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Macau. How fitting that he was making Portuguese Tarts when they snapped this impromptu photo! 

During this time, he was taught the foundations of dessert making and eventually chose to specialise in pastry. He also acted as a translator between the various pastry chefs that worked at the Grand Hyatt as he is fluent in English, Portuguese and Cantonese.

He then went on to work for a number of other big-name hotels in Macau before migrating to Australia where he worked in the cake and bakery department for David Jones. After meeting our mum, they decided to open their own Patisserie and Bakery in Sydney's south, which they've operated for the last 22 years.

It's been 35 years since this photo was snapped and in that time he has perfected the art of pastry lamination and taught this skill to his 3 daughters.